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the Healer Within

 - Explore ancient traditions of inner and outer harmonization -
Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Qigong, & Amazonian Plant Medicine

Online Course and Retreat



We are excited to announce a unique combined class and retreat offering from September to October 2022.  This program will integrate profound teachings, tools, and practices from the plant medicine tradition of the Shipibo-Conibo Indigenous tribe of the Peruvian Amazon, as well as East Asian Medicine modalities (acupuncture, herbal therapy, energetic medicine, Medical Qigong, dietary therapy, and Ayurvedic teachings/Yoga/Pranayama). 

All ancient medicine traditions share a deep and sophisticated understanding of the interconnectedness between human beings and the natural world, as well as the teaching that true healing involves a holistic set of tools that address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a human being. 

By sharing the wisdom of these ancient modalities, we hope to guide you in the remembrance of the healer that lives inside each one of us. We'll be focusing on teaching theory and embodied self-healing practices that you can easily integrate into your lifestyle.


The integrative offering will consist of six two-hour classes and a 5 day in-person retreat that is designed to educate, support and empower students on their respective paths to deeper learning, healing and living into their true selves. The classes will be held on Zoom and co-taught by Lumi and Liana. The in-person retreat includes plant medicine ceremonies in the Shipibo-Conibo lineage, Yoga and Qi Gong classes, breath work, sound healing and an array of other offerings, in addition to plenty of time to rest, reflect, process, integrate and be with others on a similar path. The workshops and ceremonies will be facilitated by Lumi and Liana. 


Lumi and Liana met in the Amazonian jungle in Peru while being initiated as curanderas, facilitated by Maestro Don Enrique of the Mahua-Lopez lineage of the Shipibo-Conibo tradition.  They share a deep respect for the teachings of all ancient and indigenous medicine traditions, a commitment to their respective life-long learning and healing journeys and a passion for teaching and supporting others through their integrative medicine offerings.


Online Live Classes

Classes held on Sunday afternoons, 1pm-3pm PST, 4pm-6pm EST
All classes will be recorded 

Overview and Comparison of Relevant Medicine Traditions

*Chinese Medicine and Yin/Yang Theory

*Indigenous Plant Medicine Traditions of the Americas

*Nervous System Physiology and practical tools for regulating the nervous system


Teacher: Liana


Spiritual Daoist Alchemy:  Medical Qigong

*Introduction to key concepts from Spiritual Daoist Alchemy

*Inner alchemy theory: 3 Dantiens / energy centers

*Breath, Intention, Posture, Visualization

*Medical Qigong self-cultivation practices

*Microcosmic orbit Meditation


Teacher: Lumi


Five Element Theory, Part One:  Fire and Water, Heart-Kidney Axis and Vagus Nerve

*Overview of Five Element Theory: Resonance Medicine

*Fire and Water Elements

*Heart-Kidney Axis and Vagus Nerve Physiology

*Tools for aligning our hearts with our deepest purpose


Teacher: Liana


Protection:  Energetic Boundary Medicine

*Introduction to the concept of energetic boundaries 

*Qigong, visualization, and meditation practices for creating energetic boundaries and strengthening Weiqi fields

*Overview of Shipibo medicine perspective on protection

*Plant allies for boundary medicine


Teacher: Lumi


Five Element Theory Part II:  Earth, Wood, and Metal Elements

*Correspondences between the elements in the natural world and our physiology 

*Deep dive into digestion from a Chinese Medicine perspective

*Tools and practices for transforming worry into groundedness, anger into constructive action and grief into awe


Teacher: Liana


Creating Our Spiritual Connection 

*Chinese Energetic principals of opening lines of communication with higher self

*Kano Kano: the psycho-spiritual line we create to communicate with guides, ancestors, plants, and other spirits

*Meditation with Master Plants/Cinco Medicos:  Noya Rao, Marusa, Bobinsana, Chullachaqui, Chiric Sanango


Teacher: Lumi

Post-Retreat Integration

(retreat attendees only)

Opening meditation & Qigong practice

Sharing Circle

Helpful integration tools and practices

Continuing the journey

Date: TBD

In-Person Gathering / Retreat


Concluding the online course, we will ground our 6 week journey into an in-person practice, deepening connection with ourselves, each other, and the land on which we gather.

This gathering will serve as an opportunity to integrate the course teachings and discussions. There will be a relaxed schedule with workshops, two Amazonian medicine ceremonies*, nourishing meals, and time to intentionally commune with the land.
The setting for our retreat takes place just outside of beautiful and expansive Taos, New Mexico on forty acres in a forest. The sound of the wind blowing through the pines and the sweet smell of sage is intoxicating. The nearby mountains provide an incredible backdrop. We acknowledge and honor the Indigenous people from the 8 Pueblos in and near Taos who have for centuries stewarded the land on which we will gather.


Examples of workshops and activities:

Medical Qigong practice


Sensory herbal discovery, exploring the 5 tastes in Chinese Medicine

Land listening and walks

How to learn from and be in co-creation with plants

Song circle / Voice activation


Despacho (earth gift) ceremony

Free movement / dancing

1:1 bodywork 

from outside practioners may be available for a separate

fee and based on availability

*Please note, drinking of the plant medicine sacrament during ceremony is always optional. Most still receive immense benefit just by being present.

The Retreat Center in
Northern New Mexico


Your Facilitators

Liana Brooks-Rubin


Liana is nationally certified as a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine. She is a Licensed Acupuncturist, practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine, initiated Cuarandera (healer) in the Mahua-Lopez lineage of the Shipibo-Conibo tradition, registered yoga teacher (RYT-500), and founder of EvenTide Wellness in Washington, D.C.


Liana is a skilled, compassionate, and humble practitioner and teacher with a passion for bridging together the wisdom and efficacy of ancient and modern medicine traditions in an accessible and effective way.  She is a life-long student and is especially grateful to her primary human teachers:  Maestro Don Enrique, Bob Duggan, Jeffrey Yuen and Andrew Nugent-Head.

You can learn more about Liana by visiting her website Even Tide Wellness.

DSC04771 (1).jpg
Lumi Photo.jpeg


Lumi is a Medical Qigong embodiment practitioner, sacred ceremony space holder, medicine woman, radical devotionalist, and untamed seeker of the wild.  She serves by providing visionary guidance to those who want to create alignment in all spheres of their lives, integrating ritual, plant allies, ceremony, I-Ching readings, Qigong exercises, and ancestral remembering.  Lumi believes by honoring the cycles of our bodies and our planet earth, cultivating community, and walking the path of self-awareness, we come into true health and wisdom.

Lumi’s heart-centered business and community-organizing experience comes from 8 years as an entrepreneur and mentor in the cannabis world, co-creating the women-owned company Kikoko, and growing the organization from 3 to 45 amazing humans during her time there.

She was initiated in the Shipibo-Conibo tradition of plant medicine curanderismo in the Mahua-Lopez tradition by her teachers, Maestro Don Rono and Don Enrique.

She lives in unceded Nisenan territory, also known as Grass Valley, CA. 

You can learn more about Lumi on her website.

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Retreat Meals & Nourishing Alchemy
provided by Brigita Lacovara


Brigita's deep interest in holistic health and nutrition provides a foundation for her recipes and food combinations.  Working directly with local growers and holistic food companies, she has developed a deeper connection to the products that go into her offerings. 

She enjoys creating clean, simple meals using traditional techniques and seasonal produce and herbs. She loves to bake and all of her goods are gluten-free and/or grain-free made with nutritious sweeteners and as many vegetables as the palate will allow. 

She has studied food history, nutritional science, food ethics, and cultural gastronomy. She has walked winding road of paleo, vegan, raw, vegetarian, gluten-free, grain-free diets, traditional and global cuisine. She finds that each has it's place.

You can learn more about Brigita on her website.



This experience gave me healing and understanding that I was looking for in a safe, caring and supportive atmosphere. I am in my mid 50's so was a bit nervous about taking the medicine and the ceremony itself. I found the ceremony to be very organized yet free flowing. Both Lumi and Liana were very attentive to not only myself, but others in our group before, during and after the ceremony. They both are very knowledgeable and well trained in giving ceremony and also helping process the outcomes of the ceremony for each individual. I feel very blessed to have this opportunity of healing and the overall experience. I plan on doing it again next January!

- KB, Nurse

"I have been lucky enough to have studied with Liana for over 15 years.  First as her yoga student, I was always impressed by her way with students-- kind, patient, non-judgmental.  But it wasn't until she convinced me to do my own yoga-teacher training, that I fully grasped Liana's gifts as a practitioner and teacher.  Healing is part of Liana's DNA.  Anything she studies, she does so with passion and rigor and great respect for the culture and tradition from which the healing modality hails.  She did that with yoga, with acupuncture and Chinese medicine and most recently, with her study of the plant medicine tradition of the Shipibo-Conibo indigenous tribe.  This past fall, she led a retreat in which she perfectly melded acupressure and Chinese medicine philosophy with that of plant medicine.  It was a wonderful opportunity to go deep and learn more about my own body's healing capabilities.  She brought Abigail as one of the co-facilitators of the retreat, who herself brings beautiful energy, kindness and wisdom to any experience.  Abigail openly shared her experiences with us, guided us through our own experiences, anticipated the needs of participants and tirelessly worked to ensure all needs were met.  She is humble about her depth of knowledge and experience, and is always open to share for the benefit of others.  Abigail is a true example of how to live from the heart.  She is an inspiration.  I am so excited to continue to study with both of these remarkable women and to meet and work with Lumi."

- MK



Course Dates: 
September - October 2022
Classes held on Sunday afternoons,
1pm - 3pm PST,
4pm - 6pm EST
(all sessions recorded and available until Nov 2022)
Sept 4, Sept 11
Sept 18, Sept 25
Oct 2, Oct 9

Retreat Dates:
October 12th to October 17th 2022
near Taos, NM

We highly recommend you take a day or two
on either side of the retreat to explore the magic of
Northern New Mexico. We will provide recommendations!

Virtual Integration Share Circle 
Late October

Included in this course
+ retreat package

- 6, 2-hour online courses that include guided meditation/practice, discussion, and talks
- 1:1 call with Lumi or Liana to prepare you for your personal journey with the medicine

- Airport shuttle to and from Santa Fe airport
- Retreat lodging
- All retreat meals, including dinner on day of arrival and breakfast on day of departure
- Retreat workshops

- Ceremony medicine
- Post-retreat online group integration session

Early bird registration by August 1st
single occupancy: $2900
double occupancy: $2600
triple occupancy: $2200
Register for course & retreat with a deposit of $700

Standard registration:
single occupancy: $3000

double occupancy: $2700
triple occupancy: $2300
Register for course & retreat with a deposit of $700

Note: There are a few rooms, cottages and a special house on the land that are ideal for 2 or 3 friends to share that vary in price. Please let us know if you are interested in them.

Payment plans, scholarships, and
work-trade discounts are available, please inquire!

6 week online course only
Register and pay in full to hold your spot

Retreat only

$150 off package prices listed above



The concept of reciprocity is embedded as an underlying principle in Indigenous communities of cultures all over the world.  Reciprocity is expressed in the exchange of goods, but also within social and family relationships and between humans and beings of the plant, animal and spiritual realms.  Our reciprocity commitment for this offering is to give 5% of our proceeds back to the Shipibo-Conibo land stewards of the Amazon.

To register or learn more, please contact us here

Thanks for submitting!

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